Saturday, January 3, 2009

Óscar Garcés

Óscar Garcés Contreras is a profesor de Educación Física (PE teacher)-turned-actor, born on February 4, 1982 in Chile. In 2003 he appeared on the Chilean version of the reality TV program "Protagonistas de la fama"; he came in second, but the actual winner gave Óscar the prize, which was a chance to act in a small role in a Canal 13 telenovela. Óscar accepted a small part in the novela "Machos", and after that he appeared in such other programs as "Mitú" and "Porky te amo". He disappeared from public view in 2006, and he eventually relocated to Mexico, where he was set to appear in a program from Televisa called "12 hombres en pugna". You can see more of him in this foto album.

I like: sex.
What I do not like to do: Wash the dishes.
Hobbies: Being a little sociable, playing with my mouth and tongue.
-- from his "Protagonistas de la fama" profile

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Óscar Garcés

MySpace profile
Fans of Oscar Garcés (MySpace)

Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Boxeador

Carmo Dalla Vecchia, the Brazilian beauty who plays Zé Bob on the telenovela "A Favorita", posed as a boxeador for the 50th edition of "Versatille" magazine. Am I only one who thinks the word "boxer" should equal "many shirtless shots"? Anyone able to access the Revista Versatille site to check out the making-of video and to see if there are more fotos?

Here's some skin, from

Last time: Carmo Dalla Vecchia Workout

Friday, January 2, 2009

Marco Antônio Gimenez

Marco Antônio Gimenez is one of those beauties I wish I could post about more often, so it was nice that he was spotted frolicking on the beach in Lagoinha, Florianópolis, with Monique Alfradique:

Via: Ego, Quem

Marco Antônio Gimenez Valadão was born on July 6, 1981 in Rio de Janeiro. He was once part of the teen drama "Malhação", and last year he appeared on the reality TV show "Dança dos Famosos" and in the TV series "Casos e Acasos". He has an official web site, but it's under construction.

Calendarios Venezuela

Some desktop calendarios from featuring Venezuelan actors -- the calendars on some of them might be outdated, but the men have no expiration date:

Model and TV host Alexander Barrios, now part of the variety TV program "Salvese Quien Pueda"

Luciano D'allesandro

Carlos Arreaza

Here's this month's calendar. Nice to see Jorge Reyes again -- he's currently starring in the new telenovela "La Vida Entera".

You can browse for the rest of Venevision's here

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Man of the Month: Christian Kent Hunter

Happy new year, everyone! Our first Man of the Month for 2009 is Christian Kent Hunter, 25, an athlete, model, and Profesor de ciencias (science teacher) from Chicago. In 2007 he won a scholarship to study in Chile, and he eventually moved to Santiago to pursue a career in modeling. Last October he became the newest Modelais on the Chilean TV program Yingo, which features competitions between Modelais and Populais for prize money. He became an immediate sensation on that show, and he's now known as "El gringo de Yingo".

A good place for us to begin our month-long exploration of Mr. Hunter is this photo gallery from I've borrowed all the shirtless shots from that gallery and placed them in this foto album for easy access.

Christian Kent Hunter on Cisoto Fotos:
Christian Kent Hunter, Abs Fab
Christian Kent Hunter Workout
Christian Kent Hunter In Bed
Christian Kent Hunter On Top
Christian Kent Hunter Outdoors
Christian Kent Hunter's Balls
Christian Kent Hunter Shy
Christian Kent Hunter Unbuttoned
Christian Kent Hunter In "El Portada"
Christian Kent Hunter On Display
Christian Kent Hunter's Smile
Christian Kent Hunter: El Gringo Inferno

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

William Levy's Apples

Cuba-born Überhunk William Levy offers us a taste of his apples in the latest issue of Most Magazine. I'll play like Eve and succumb.

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Ricardo Pereira Shy (And Not)

The 29-year-old garoto Português Ricardo Pereira is featured in an interview with two accompanying photo galleries on the Ego web site.

I've uploaded all the images to his foto album for easy access.

In the interview, the Portugal-born Ricardo, who is currently portraying the character of João in the telenovela "Negócio da China', talks about living and working in Brazil. As you can see from the fotos below, he seems to have acclimated himself pretty well:

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Ricardo Pereira

Ricardo Pereira on Cisoto Fotos:
Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira Wet
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