Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raoni Carneiro

The Brazilian actor Raoni Carneiro has posed in a sexy manner for the latest issue of Revista Nova magazine:

Sources: Ego, O Globo

He's 27 years old, born on November 23, 1981 in São Bernardo do Campo. He's currently playing Heraldinho in the telenovela "Negócio da China". He's also a musician -- he's the lead vocalist of the band Trupe. His girlfriend is the actress Fernanda Rodrigues.

Contigo! magazine's web site has a nice foto gallery featuring him.

He once played the character of São Jorge in O Santo Parto, a gay-friendly play (see foto below). Also, when he was 20, he appeared (with Hermano Moreira, 21) in a TV spot created by the Ministério da Saúde (the Ministry of Health) designed to promote AIDS awareness among gay men (see video below).

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