Monday, June 15, 2009

Man Of The Month: Mark Tacher

Our Man of the Month for June, 2009 (yes, finally!) is Mark Tacher, an actor, model, and musician who was born on September 15, 1977 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. He first appeared on television in 1998 as the host of "Nintendomania"; he's also been the host of "Visión real", "Atrévete", and "Ciclón Azteca". He's mostly known for his work in telenovelas, including "La hija del mariachi" and "Los protegidos". For eight years he's been the guitarist and vocalist for the progressive rock band "Arvakur". He's currently starring as in "Verano de amor".

Mark Tacher on Cisoto Fotos:
Mark Tacher in SoHo
Los 60 Más Bellos De Colombia
Mark Tacher Unbuttoned
Mark Tacher Undone
Hands Up For Mark Tacher
Mark Tacher Undone II
Mark Tacher Shy
Mark Tacher in "Verano de amor"
Mark Tacher, Lean and Mean


  1. umm, not that i don't love the constant stream of shirtless men you put up, but can you please start posting people from other parts of the world, i mean, i don't think i've ever seen anyone from australia, or sweden, or norway

  2. Thanks for the comment. We've had folks from Australia and Sweden before, at least, if not Norway. If you've followed this blog for awhile, you'll notice that I tend to pretty much explore one country at a time before moving on to something new, and, well, lately I've been in a Latin America mood!

  3. oh, well, that's good, i love all of the stuff on here, haha, :P


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