Saturday, October 3, 2009

Man of the Month: Juan Esteban

We first met our new Man of the Month when we saw him modeling for Clever Moda, an underwear manufacturer from Colombia. I don't know much about him except that his name is Juan Esteban Berrio, his birthday is August 20, and he resides in Medellín, Colombia. I don't even know what modeling agency he belongs to -- if anyone knows, do tell! I did find enough fotos of him, though, for him to be our new MotM for October, 2009, so look for more of him all month long!

Fotos source (as labeled): Johnny Lopera

Juan Esteban in Cisoto Fotos:
Clever Men, Clever Underwear
Juan Esteban for Jasz
Juan Esteban for FC Jeans
Juan Esteban for Pikante
Juan Esteban for Pikante 2
Juan Esteban's Flex Appeal
Juan Esteban for Jasz 2
Juan Esteban Shy
Juan Esteban Finale
Juan Esteban for Piss & Vinegar, Set 1

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