Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iván Cabrera

Iván Cabrera Salinas is a 25-year-old bailarín, another one of the modeláis of "Yingo", the programa juvenil from Chile that also employs our current Man of the Month, Christian Kent Hunter. He was previously on "Rojo", a talent competition program from TVN (along with Pablo Vargas). He studied physical education in college, and he's known as Iván “Caldera” because of his weakness for women.

More fotos from the source:

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Iván Cabrera on Cisoto Fotos:
Iván Cabrera Discotequero
Iván Cabrera In "El Portada"

Christian Kent Hunter Unbuttoned

And so ends Christian Kent Hunter's reign as our Man of the Month. You can find more shirtless pictures and videos of him at the official "Yingo" web site -- that site is so slow-loading for me, though, that I haven't had the patience to pursue it. The Christian Kent: El Gringo de Yingo blog also looks to be a good place to keep up with him.

Source: deFranco Portafolios

More at: Man of the Month: Christian Kent Hunter

Christian Kent Hunter Shy

We'll have a double dose of Christian Kent Hunter today, as he ends his reign as our Man of the Month.

Source: deFranco Portafolios

Bonus: Vport made a video using the Christian Kent Hunter fotos we've been showcasing this month. Thanks, guy!

More at: Man of the Month: Christian Kent Hunter

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tyler Bachtel 7

Our Man of the Fortnight, Tyler Bachtel, goes green, and then unaccountably turns shy. The fotos are testament, as usual, to the good taste of our friends at International Jock.

For More: Tyler Bachtel on Cisoto Fotos

Christian Kent Hunter's Balls

Our Man of the Month, Christian Kent Hunter, on all fours...

El gringo de Yingo, against the wall...

More at: Man of the Month: Christian Kent Hunter

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paparazzo: Daniel Gevaerd

Lately, the only time the Paparazzo web site features a new male model is when there's a new season of Big Brother Brasil. The first man to get evicted from the house during the current season is Daniel Fontoura Gevaerd, and right away we've got his pictures. Born on March 29, 1983 in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, he created Badalados, a web site devoted to celebrities, and he worked as a web designer for UFO, a publication (created by his father) specializing in the study of unidentified flying objects. I don't have access to the members-only images, sorry -- can anyone help?

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Daniel Gevaerd

Download the fotos via Rapidshare (4.17 MB)

Daniel Gevaerd on Cisoto Fotos:
Extra Fotos From Paparazzo
Cisoto Video: Daniel Gevaerd

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Tyler Bachtel 6

Today, Tyler Bachtel pulls some strings and wears some tighty whities. Underwear by Go Softwear, fotos via International Jock.

For More: Tyler Bachtel on Cisoto Fotos
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