Saturday, March 7, 2009

Paparazzo: Ralf Krause BBB9

He's out of the Big Brother Brasil 9 mansion and in at Paparazzo: Ralf Krause, a 32-year-old "empresário de diversos ramos, que incluem a pecuária e a construção civil" -- "entrepreneur of several branches, including livestock and construction". He was born on May 14, 1976 in São Paulo.

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Ralf BBB9

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BBB9 Profile profile

Cisoto Videos: Ralf Krause BBB9
Paparazzo: Ralf and Newton Extras
The Compleat Paparazzo

Friday, March 6, 2009

Daniel Aguiar

Also from Revista Quem: these nice fotos of Brazilian model and actor Daniel Aguiar at the Costa do Sauípe in Bahia. He was born on October 19, 1976 in Niterói and is currently one of the many abnormally attractive men to star in the telenovela "Os Mutantes - Caminhos do Coração" (he plays Vlado, a vampire). He's represented by Elite Model Management.

Kayky Brito Unbuttoned

Brazilian actor Kayky Brito gets loose in a new ensaio fotográfico for "Quem" magazine. He's currently starring in the telenovela "Três Irmãs".

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Kayky Brito, Front & Back
Kayky Brito Shaves
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Kayky Brito for Six One

Two of Alejandro Chabán

Via come these two nice, HQ images of actor Alejandro Chabán in his roles from the telenovelas "Prisionera" and "El Rostro de Analía" (the latter of which is currently airing on Telemundo). He was born on August 20, 1981 in Maturín, Venezuela and will make an appearance in the upcoming film The Perfect Game.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Emanuel BBB9 Models

Now that his time in the Big Brother Brasil 9 mansion is over and done with, 24-year-old Emanuel Tiago Milchevski has decided to move to Rio de Janeiro and pursue a career as a model. He's signed up with the 40 Graus model agency, and yesterday afternoon he posed for the photogrpapher Fabio Kotinda to create some photos for his book. The Ego web site has some nice behind-the-scenes images, which I've uploaded to this foto gallery for easier access.

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Emanuel BBB9 2

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Cisoto Captures: Sebastián Rulli

Another good thing about having Univision: I get to look at the Argentinean actor Sebastián Rulli again. Granted, his 2005 telenovela "Contra viento y marea" is being shown at the ungodly hour of 1:00 AM EST, but that's what DVR timers are for.

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Diesel Jock 2

Thanks to y'all, I now know that the new hunk from the International Jock website whom I called the "Diesel Jock" (because he's wearing underwear by Diesel, you see) is James Ellis. I didn't have time to look for more information on Mr. Ellis, so why don't I go ahead and make him our next Man of the Fortnight, thus giving me a excuse to post about him a few more times? I think I'll do just that!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Joaquim Senna

Joaquim Senna, a 21-year-old model, actor, and athlete from Brazil, was recently voted the sexiest man in Brazil by the readers of the Blábláblá Chic blog. He showed up for duty, properly attired, for the recent Dia Nacional da Roupa de Baixo (Underwear Day, February 17), and he'll be making an appearance in the movie .

Thanks to ChevalierDu Graal for the suggestion!

Sources/for more:
Joaquim Senna's blog
Chucknoris 's Picasa web albums -- contains two nice foto albums
Revista Glow has two foto galleries featuring Joaquim Senna: promocionias, and bastidores
Blá Blá Blá Chic: Making off; Joaquim Senna
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