Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mark Tacher in SoHo

Yesterday I posted these three images of Mexican actor Mark Tacher, as photographed by actor/photographer Diego Cadavid (via Diego Cadavid's official web site):

Here are the rest of the images, which were found on

Definitely Man of the Month material, Mark Tacher is. (So is David Cadavid, actually, but there don't seem to be enough fotos of him to fill up a month, alas.)

Download the video via Rapidshare (17.53 MB)

Download the video via Megaupload (17.53 MB)

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Diego Cadavid

Diego Cadavid is an actor and professional photographer who was born on December 8, 1978 in Medellín, Colombia. He can currently be seen on Telemundo as the drug trafficker Pepe Cadena in the series "El Cartel". He played gay characters in the 2003 telenovela "Amor a la plancha" and, more recently, the miniseries "Regreso a la guaca", a sequel to the film Soñar no cuesta nada. As for his photography, you can see examples of it at official web site -- he seems to be doing a bit of work for the Gabriel Blanco Iglesias web site, including the Elkin Vargas fotos featured in our previous post.

Behind the scenes with Diego Cadavid as he promotes ATM Jeans:

Sources/for more:
EL SILENCIO COMPAÑIA FOTOGRAFICA -- his official web site, with examples of his photography
MySpace page
cadavidmora's photostream -- more examples of his photography
Diego Cadavid afotos on ColArte

Diego Cadavid on Cisoto Fotos:
Rafael Novoa, Diego Cadavid & Lincoln Palomeque
Diego Cadavid For Atmosphere Jeans

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elkin Vargas

Elkin Vargas is a Colombian actor and model, born on March 10, 1978 in Medellín. His acting credits include "La vendedora de rosas" and "Padres e hijos".

From Gabriel Blanco Iglesias:

From his Facebook page:

From ColArte:

And, finally, a nice video:

Alejandro Aguilar

New from Gabriel Blanco Iglesias: Alejandro Aguilar. His info isn't up on the site yet, so all I can tell you is that he's from Colombia.

Cisoto Videos: Ralf Krause BBB9

Looking back, it appears that I neglected to post the making-of video from Paparazzo featuring Ralf Krause, the 32-year-old entrepreneur from Big Brother Brasil 9. Here 'tis! His fotos are available via this previous post.

Download the video via Rapidshare (13 MB)

Download the video via Megaupload (13 MB)

Paparazzo: Ralf Krause BBB9
The Compleat Paparazzo

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patricio Borghetti, Front & Back

A towel-clad Patricio Borghetti gets some flowers from René Strickler in this scene from the telenovela "Atrévete a soñar":

The 6' 3¼" (1.91 m) tall singer and actor Patricio Borghetti was born on December 5, 1976 (or maybe 1973; accounts differ) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of fourteen, he formed his first rock band, "Sur" ("South"), and at eighteen he started modeling. Among the telenovelas he's appeared in are "El Juego de la vida", "Rebelde", and "Cuidado con el ángel". He is currently starring in "Atrévete a soñar". He is married to the actress Grettell Valdez. You can find a selection of hi-res images of him in this foto album.

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Patricio Borghetti

Foto source:

Patricio Borghetti in Cisoto Fotos:
Patricio Borghetti
Patricio Borghetti, Caveman

Cisoto Videos: Fernando Mesquita BBB8

Reposting the three making-of videos from Paparazzo featuring Fernando Mesquita from Big Brother Brasil 8. His fotos can be found at this post.

Download the videos via RapidShare (45.11 MB)

Download the videos via Mediafire (45.11 MB)

Paparazzo: Fernando Mesquita BBB8
The Compleat Paparazzo

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rodrigo Lombardi Gallery

29-year-old Brazilian actor Rodrigo Lombardi has been showing off his hairy chest quite a bit recently in magazines and on the beach. We've been a bit too smooth-shaven around here at Cisoto Fotos lately, so I thought it'd be a good idea to feature him. You can see more of him in this foto album. He's currently starring in the telenovela "Caminho das Índias".

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Rodrigo Lombardi

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