Thursday, May 7, 2009

Man of the Month: Ginés Gil Cano

Our Man of the Month for May, 2009 has finally arrived, and he's Ginés Gil Cano, a 22-year-old dancer who was featured on the just-completed edición 2 of "Fama ¡a bailar!", a reality tv show from the Spanish television channel Cuatro. He and his dancing partner, Raquel, were voted la pareja ganadora (the winning pair) in the season finale (the solo winner was another young man named Sergi, whom I'll post about soon). Ginés hails from the municipality of Las Torres de Cotillas in Murcia, and he's been dancing since the age of 13. His other interests include fútbol y cantar (soccer and singing), and he was preparing to enter the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) before joining Fama. He was the 2nd finalist in the Mister Murcia 2007 competition.

Ginés Gil Cano on Cisoto Fotos:
Ginés Gil Cano, Mister Murcia Runner-Up
Ginés Gil Cano HoYay!
Ginés Gil Cano's Winning Form
Ginés Gil Cano, Bar Hopping
Ginés Y Omar

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mário Frias in Xizel Jeans

The Brazilian actor Mário Frias is now modeling for Xizel Jeans. I've added all the images from the Xizel site (by photographer Piero D’Ávila) to this foto album. Mário is currently playing the villain Drácula Lino in the telenovela "Os Mutantes – Caminhos do Coração".

Mário has also been quite the beach bunny lately. The foto album also includes shots from his most recent trips to the praia.

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Mário Frias Xizel

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Camilo Trujillo

Camilo Trujillo is a 23-year-old model and actor from Colombia. He's appeared in such telenovelas as "Amores de mercado", "Madre Luna", and "Victoria". You can find more of him in this foto album.

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Camilo Trujillo

Top Model International
Nany Gamboa: Representante de Artistas
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Paparazzo: Emanuel and Leo BBB9 Extras

As promised, here are the extra images, recently released by the Paparazzo web site, of Emanuel and Leo Jancu of Big Brother Brasil 9:

Coming next: the new fotos of Newton and Ralf!

Plus, some extras: Emanuel and Leo together, prettying up the beach, and Emanuel solo, most via the Ego web site:

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