Saturday, July 4, 2009

Man of the Month: Roberto Manrique

Roberto Manrique, who was born on April 23, 1979 in Guayaquil, Ecuador but now works primarily in Colombia, can currently be seen on Telemundo's new telenovela "Victorinos". He previously starred in the same channel's Victoria and "Doña Bárbara". He's our Man of the Month for July, 2009.

Fotographer: Henry Gaviria

Roberto Manrique in Cisoto Fotos:
Roberto Manrique
More Roberto Manrique
Doña Bárbara Hunks
Los hombres de Doña Bárbara
"Doña Bárbara" Hunks At Work
Mauricio Ochmann in "Los Victorinos"
Roberto Manrique Aflame
Roberto Manrique Wet
Roberto Manrique Workout
Roberto Manrique Shy
Robert Manrique in "Doña Bárbara"
Roberto Manrique Shy 2
Roberto Manrique Finale

Nando González

Introducing another character and actor from the new Spanish telenovela "Un golpe de suerte": Ginés, who (if I'm understanding right -- I don't speak the language!) is a) the husband of Lourdes (Bárbara de Lema), b) the father of Víctor (José Álvarez), and c) secretly gay. Ginés is played by Nando González, who is a musician as well as an actor and who was born in Tánger and raised in Palma de Mallorca. His official web site is still under construction, but more information on him can be found via his MySpace profile; he's represented by Camelion.

Video #1: Ginés' wife catches him with another man

Video #1: Ginés gets kissed passionately by his male lover (anyone know the actor's name?)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Pepe Gámez

Pepe Gámez is 25 years old and hails from Tamaulipas. He can currently be seen daily on Univision at 3:00 PM EST playing Julio Madrigal in the telenovela "Juro Que Te Amo". He previously appeared in such novelas as "Rebelde", "Duelo de Pasiones", and "Pasión".

Pepe Gámez MySpace Oficial

Marco Pigossi

Another one to file under "shy, but cute enough to post about": Marco Fábio Maldonado Pigossi, who was born on February 1, 1989 in São Paulo. He's currently playing gay in the telenovela "Caras e Bocas"; his character, Cássio, works in an art gallery and is a fashionista who spends too much money on clothes even though he's on a pension. Marco previously appeared in such telenovelas as "Eterna Magia" and "Casos e Acasos".

Marco Pigossi Fan Blog
Caras e Bocas >Personagens - BIOGRAFIA - Cássio
Marco Pigossi: "Sou muito bem resolvido"
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