Friday, July 17, 2009

Garoto: Vinícius Lemos

Fábio's back! He reports:

The site Garoto POP is working again with a new layout. All photos and videos are open. There are links to the old pictures, but they are broken.

On Twitter ( the latest information is in the next few days will have a new boy.

Thanks, Fábio! Here's Vinícius Lemos:

Cisoto Fotoalbum: Vinícius Lemos

Download both videos (Making-of and Especial) via Rapidshare (37.64)

Alternate link: Download both videos (Making-of and Especial) via Megaupload (37.64)

Since you can now download all the hq fotos directly from the Garoto POP site itself, I won't be providing a Rapidhsare-link for the fotos. Later in the week I'll post Bruno Ramalho's making-of videos.

Roberto Manrique Wet

From fire to water: our Man of the Month, Roberto Manrique, star of Telemundo's "Victorinos", is one of the best sights at any beach.

For more: Man of the Month: Roberto Manrique

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Red Hot Cosmo Book's monthly calendario is no more -- in its stead, they now have The Red Cosmo Book, which already features several hot guys, including:

Pedro Palacio, Colombian actor and model -- I'll have to see about restoring his foto album on this site

Alexis Pinilla, Mexican, represented by MC Model International (can't get the fotos in his gallery to show for me, though)

Ennio Ricciardi, from Venezuela
Ennio Ricciardi on Metroflog
Ennio Ricciardi on

Cosmopolitan's Calendario De Hombres 2009, Part 1
Cosmopolitan's Calendario De Hombres 2009, Part 2

Diego Cadavid For Atmosphere Jeans

The Colombian actor, model, and photographer Diego Cadavid pointed his camera at himself for a series of ads for Atmosphere Jeans. From the ATM web site:

Some guys are just born to fill out a tank top. Here are some more (smaller) fotos, from Atmosphere's Facebook Profile:

Related posts: Diego Cadavid on Cisoto Fotos (includes a making-of video from ATM)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Caio Castro and Micael Borges

Brazilian actors Caio Castro and Micael Borges, both galãs of the teen soap "Malhação", posed together at the beach in Porto de Galinhas, in Pernambuco, for a campaign of Rota do Mar, a manufacturer of surf fashion. Source: Ego.

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