Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kushal Punjabi

Kushal Punjabi started out in the cabin crew of Jet Airways and is now a popular Bollywood film and TV actor. He was a famous model even before he won the Best Physique Award at the Gladrags Manhunt Megamodel Contest. He's appeared in such films as Lakshya, Kaal, Saalam-e-ishq, Bombay Boys and Shhh, and he was the runner-up in the reality TV show "Ek se badhkar ek", in which he sang and danced.

Kushal's one of the men in Shweta Shetty's music video for the song "Deewane to Deewane hain":

He appears shirtless briefly during this photo shoot:

Photo gallery at
Screen captures of Kushal Punjabi as "The Sodomiser" (Rahul Bose is the actor receiving his attention) in the short film "Bomgay" (NSFW)
Profile (in English) from

Pedro Neschling TPM

The latest Brazilian actor to strip down for TPM magazine is Pedro Neschling, who was born on June 28, 1982 Rio de Janeiro and who last appeared in the telenovela "Casos e Acasos" and the TV movie "Aline":

Download the video via Rapidshare (20.11 MB)

Or, download the same video via Megaupload (20.11 MB)

Robert Manrique in "Doña Bárbara"

We have at least three posts to go featuring Roberto Manrique before his time as our Man of the Month is over with. Here he is in character as María Nieves in the telenovela "Doña Bárbara":

For more: Man of the Month: Roberto Manrique

Friday, July 31, 2009

St. Even SA: Off The Boat

The St. Even SA web site has updated with new fotos in which their model (whose name we still don't know) is allowed to get off the boat and stretch out his long sea legs on the land. You can find all 35 new pictures in this foto album or, alternatively, you can download them via the links provided below.

Cisoto Fotoalbum: St Even SA 2009 02

Download the fotos via Rapidshare (11.57 MB)

Or, download the fotos via Megaupload (11.57 MB)

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Juan Pablo Llano

Roberto Manrique Shy

Our Man of the Month, Ecuador-born actor Roberto Manrique, all dressed up and looking splendid:

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