Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Juan Diego Sánchez Unbuttoned

The Colombian-born actor Juan Diego Sánchez is selling jewelry -- specifically, rosaries -- that he designed. As he states in his web site, Rosarios Juan Diego:

Since I was very young, I discovered my other passion, designing jewelry. As a child, I found myself gathering gorgeous stones and precious metals, and since then, I have given them exclusiveness and life. I create them by hand and with a unique touch, balance, design, harmony, and various shapes and many colors. Today, with great satisfaction, I can say that my jewelry designs have been in art galleries, international jewelry fairs, fashion shows, and on television, modeled by me in some of the productions I have had the pleasure to be part of.

It must save on his overhead to be hot enough to model his own designs on his naked chest! Born in Armenia in 1982, Juan Diego Sánchez was last seen in Telemundo's "Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso".

Juan Diego Sánchez on Cisoto Fotos:
Brandon Peniche & Juan Diego Sánchez
Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso
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Kevin Spirtas Undressed

Our Man of the Month, USA-born actor and singer Kevin Spirtas, in various stages of undress:

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Juan Pablo Llano: Papa Caliente!

The Colombian model, actor, and TV host Juan Pablo Llano is one hot papa:

That "papa" part is meant literally -- he's the proud father of two children. That's why he, along with two fellow actors, Fabián Ríos and Sebastián Martínez, were featured in "Elenco" magazine as "¡Tres verdaderos papacitos!" (Three real sugar daddies!):

Juan's currently appearing in the telenovela "Las Detectivas y el Victor", which stars Gregorio Pernía.

I'm just posting this video because I thought he looked particularly nice in that tight t-shirt:

For more:
Juan Pablo Llano in Cisoto Fotos
Fabián Ríos in Cisoto Fotos

Mario Cimarro Rides

Re-posting these older images featuring Cuba-born überhunk Mario Cimarro and his animal magnetism:

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Gary Forero's Back

Our Man of the Fortnight, Colombian model and actor Gary Forero ("Doña Bárbara", "Victorinos"), looks as good going as he does coming:

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