Saturday, October 3, 2009

Man of the Month: Juan Esteban

We first met our new Man of the Month when we saw him modeling for Clever Moda, an underwear manufacturer from Colombia. I don't know much about him except that his name is Juan Esteban Berrio, his birthday is August 20, and he resides in Medellín, Colombia. I don't even know what modeling agency he belongs to -- if anyone knows, do tell! I did find enough fotos of him, though, for him to be our new MotM for October, 2009, so look for more of him all month long!

Fotos source (as labeled): Johnny Lopera

Juan Esteban in Cisoto Fotos:
Clever Men, Clever Underwear
Juan Esteban for Jasz
Juan Esteban for FC Jeans
Juan Esteban for Pikante
Juan Esteban for Pikante 2
Juan Esteban's Flex Appeal
Juan Esteban for Jasz 2
Juan Esteban Shy
Juan Esteban Finale
Juan Esteban for Piss & Vinegar, Set 1

More Lucas Velázquez

The last time I posted about the 28-year-old Colombian actor and musician Lucas Velázquez (Axel in "Atrévete a soñar"), he was a bit shy. I've since then stumbled across a few more fotos of him, some shy, some not:

For more: Lucas Velázquez in Cisoto Fotos

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Itay Haefrati איתי האפרתי

Itay Haefrati (איתי האפרתי) -- his name also appears online as Itay Haephrati, Itai Haefrati, and even Etai -- was a contestant on the second season of הישרדות ("Hisardut", the Israel version of "Survivor"). 23 years old, from Tel Mond, he's a former Navy commando, a fact which helped him in the physical aspects of the contest but hurt him in other ways, according to this article (which is in English):

Two former Navy commandos, Idan Haviv and Itai Haefrati, dominated the physical aspects of the game. Not only did they stand out as physically superior threats to the other contestants, but the values they brought with them from their esteemed unit, such as integrity, honesty and loyalty, proved to be disadvantages in a game where such values are considered naïve. The "Seals" were eventually easy prey, not for the sharks in the sea but for those on land living with them.

Arik Alper, a 34-year-old pediatrician from Tel Aviv, was the eventual winner of the season. In the fotos below, Itai shows us how former Navy commandos stays in shape:

Oh, hey, it looks like a third season of Hisardut might have already started. I'm off to do some investigating; look for an update sometime soon.

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Ródiney Santiago Exits

It's time to say goodbye (but not farewell, as I'm sure he'll be back) to Brazilian model Ródiney Santiago as he ends his second tour of duty as our Man of the Month. One last hurrah before we enter October:

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