Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Juan Esteban for Pikante 2

Yesterday I posted about our Man of the Month, Colombian model Juan Esteban, modeling for Pikante underwear; almost immediately afterward, I located a copy of a new catalog from Pikante. Here are the images from that second catalog:

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Yul Bürkle in "Alma indomable"

The telenovela "Alma indomable" debuted yesterday afternoon at 1:00 PM EST on Univision, giving us a chance to watch Venezuelan actor Yul Bürkle again (and also José Ángel Llamas and Víctor González, among others). Yul, who was born on September 30, 1974 in Caracas, has been a favorite here at Cisoto Fotos since we saw him in "La mujer de Lorenzo" and "Inocente de ti"", and he's also starred in such novelas as "Acorralada" and "Aunque mal paguen". He had two shirtless scenes in the first episode of "Alma indomable", so we know he hasn't lost his touch since we last saw him.

And, auugh, why can't I find these images in larger size?

Yul Bürkle on Cisoto Fotos:
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Yul Bürkle at Gabriel Blanco
Yul Bürkle, Again

Juan Esteban for Pikante

Our Man of the Month, Juan Esteban Berrio, has also modeled for the Pikante underwear brand. Pikante, which is an offshoot of Clever Moda, doesn't seem to have its own web site, but I did manage to locate a copy of its catalog, and here are two nice images of Juan from that:

And, to round out this post, a few more images of Juan being quite Clever:

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Man of the Month: Juan Esteban

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alberto Guerra

Alberto Guerra, who's from Cuba, is famous mostly for being the boyfriend of the actress Ludwika Paleta, but he'd rather be recognized for his work as an actor. He's currently playing the villain Ramiro in the telenovela "Pasión Morena". He previously played Francisco in "Vivir por ti".

Here's a scene from "Pasión Morena" in which Alberto's character becomes properly shirtless before beating the living sh*t out of poor Segundo Cernadas with a baseball bat. Warning: it's as violent as it is hot.

For those who prefer their shirtlessness without violence, here's Alberto in a more tender moment:

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