Friday, December 4, 2009

Martín Rivas Sin Camiseta

Here's a useful phrase for us appreciators-of-male-hunkitude bloggers: sin camiseta, which in Spanish means "shirtless". As in, here's Martín Rivas sin camiseta in a recent episode of the TV series "El internado":


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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Víctor González es Leo Hernández

Víctor González in his typical (lack of) outfit as Leo Hernández in the telenovela Pasión Morena:


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Man of the Month: Juan Felipe Duque

I still plan to have at least three more posts featuring November's Man of the Month, Rodolfo Jiménez, but I thought I'd go ahead and introduce this month's MotM. Like Juan Esteban, he's a model who caught my eye and set me off upon a quest to find more photos of him. His name's Juan Felipe Duque, according to the two making-of videos below, and he's to be found modeling underwear for Gigo, a Colombian company that was founded in 2004. I assume he's Colombian, but really I haven't been able to find out more about him -- if anyone can find his modeling agency or any profile page of his before the month's over, I'd appreciate it! We'll start off with his fotos from the Gigo underwear web site -- you can either head over to that site and save the images yourself or, to save time, you can download them all collected and zipped up via your choice of the two links below. (I don't want to risk adding the fotos to my Picasa web albums because they feature his lovely bare backside.)

Download the Gigo catalogue fotos via Rapidshare (9.14 MB)

Download the Gigo catalogue fotos via Megaupload (9.14 MB)

Juan Felipe Duque on Cisoto Fotos:
Juan Felipe Duque 800
Juan Felipe Duque HQ
Juan Felipe Duque Finale

Cisoto Video: Ivo Cavalvanti

I've gotten several emails asking why the recent models from Terra the Boy haven't been featured on this site. Sorry, guys, but I just haven't had the free time lately to attend to such admittedly important matters. Here's an attempt at catching up: the making of video featuring last month's Boy, 20-year old Ivo Cavalvanti. I hope to have his pictures, plus this month's new model's fotos and video, up soon.

Download the video via Rapidshare (11.2 MB)

Or, download the same video via 4Shared (11.2 MB)

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Cisoto Video: Ródiney Santiago for "Moxow"

From his YouTube account comes this making-of video featuring Brazilian model Ródiney Santiago posing for the November, 2009 issue of "Moxow", a gay magazine from Barcelona. We featured the fotos from this magazine in this previous post.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thiago Alvles

Thiago Alves, who was born on July 26, 1986 in Porto Alegre, is a professional voleibol player. He currently serves as a ponteiro (pointer) for Cimed/Brasil Telecom (SC) team and is playing for Brazil national volleyball team in the World League in 2009. The photos (by Marlos Bakker) and video below are from TPM. He's got an official Fotolog.

Júlio Rocha Wet

The Brazilian actor Júlio Rocha, currently appearing in the telenovela "Caras & Bocas", doesn't reveal enough (pictures-wise, at least) in his interview for "IstoÉ Gente" magazine.

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Rodolfo Jiménez Shy

Real Life -- in the form of the job, some family drama, and the little matter of a car accident I've been in -- continues to cut into my blogging time, so our current Man of the Month, Mexican actor and TV host Rodolfo Jiménez, will spill over into the first few days of the next month. I don't think anyone will complain, though, since, as you can see below, the man takes good pictures, whether shirtless or not.

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