Friday, January 8, 2010

Juan Serrano

Juan Serrano is a reportero for the Spanish TV program La Búsqueda, which showcases "five reporters who travel the world to help those who lost loved ones in the past and are now willing to find them... Cameroon, Venezuela, Cape Verde, the Philippines, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, France, Colombia, Panama, Germany and Spain will be among the destinations." Thus, we're not likely to find him shirtless -- not unless he's forced to take Bear Grylls-like measures under extreme conditions during one of his searches -- but we've never let that stop us here at Cisoto Fotos when it comes to men as attractive as this. He's also reported for Rojo y Negro.


  1. cooooooool
    no more links for that man??

  2. Those are all I found -- if anyone else finds some more links featuring him, please let us know!

  3. Got a couple of nice links from two readers -- thanks, guys! Will post them soon. Any more? Investigate the investigative reporter! :)


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