Monday, March 29, 2010

William Levy, Sin Ropa

I'm feeling a bit down tonight, for no particular reason at all. What could cheer me up, I wonder? Why, some fotos of the Cuba-born überhunk William Levy, old and new, especially ones that feature him almost completely sin ropa (without clothes)! That'll do the trick, I think:


Source: Revista Neuva

There are three more images in this set which are a bit too risque to post here, so check out our new tumblog, Cisoto Quickies, where I'll be posting them, one by one, all through the night.

Source: Kike San Martin's photostream

Congratulations to Mr. Levy, who welcomed to the world his 2nd child, a girl, on March 6. After wrapping up the telenovela "Sortilegio", he toured in the play "Un Amante a la Medida" from November 2009 to February 2010.


  1. The most sexiest man on earth no doubt! Mmmm Papichulo!!

  2. Es el latino más hot, wow me lo como todo todo


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