Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Man of the Month: Juan García Postigo

Our Man of the Month for June, 2010 is the Spanish male model Juan García Postigo, who was elected Mr. España in 2006 and Mr. Mundo (Mr. World) in 2007. Since then he's gotten into acting; among other credits, he appeared as Antonio Velázquez's date in an episode of "¡A ver si llego!" (videos coming soon!). He recently appeared in "¡Mira quién baila!" (which we know as "Dancing With the Stars"), where he was the second to be eliminated. He's also launched his own wine brand. He was born on January 19, 1981 in Málaga.

Let's start off with Mr. Postigo modeling for the Punto Blanco underwear brand:

Juan García Postigo on Cisoto Fotos:
Juan García Postigo for Revista Must
Juan García Postigo Wet
Juan García Postigo Scans
Juan García Postigo in "Las Estupendas"
Juan García Postigo for Joyas Liska


  1. Amazing! Spain got a lot of handsome guys! =D

  2. Spanish guys are the hottest! So great to see a great looking guy in his underwear. Great website!


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