Saturday, February 6, 2010

Men of the Month: Hunks from Israel

Ok, we'll be trying something different for our Man of the Month this time. I don't have anything prepared with any single individual -- I was thinking of having Arap Bethke as our MtoM, but I found out I don't have enough new fotos of him for that; instead, he'll be our Man of the Fortnight sometime later -- but I do have several posts in various stages of preparation that happen to feature men from Israel. So, for February, 2009, our Men of the Month will fall under the category of Hunks of Israel. All month long, we'll catch up on old friends and discover some new ones. If you know of someone from Israel that you think I should feature, let me know in the comments. Below are several more fotos and three videos spotlighting Israel model and "Amazing Race" winner Shay Kahana (שי כהנא) that used to be on the Renaur web site.

Shay Kahana for Renaur 01
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Shay Kahana for Renaur 02
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Shay Kahana for Renaur 03
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Luis Fernández in "Los Protegidos", Capítulos 2-4

Here are the relevant (i.e., shirtless or in his underwear) scenes featuring Luis Fernández from episodes #2-4 of the new Spanish series "Los Protegidos". To explain the odder parts of these scenes: The character he plays, Culebra, has the power to turn invisible. In fact, all the youngsters living in the house (I don't think they're all related) have one superpower or another -- the little boy has telekinesis, the older boy can change his shape, the older girl shoots off electricity, etc. Cool, how about a crossover featuring Los Protegidos vs. The Incredibles?

Luis Fernández 01X02a
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Luis Fernández 01X02b
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Luis Fernández 01X03
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Luis Fernández 01X04
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Roei Klein רועי קליין Wet

Another look at Israeli model Roei Klein (רועי קליין), here עולה כמו וונוס מן הים -- which is to say, rising like Venus from the sea. If I'm understanding this page correctly, he has a role in the TV series "האלופה" ("Champions"), which stars Yehuda Levi and Ofer Shechter.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shay Kahana שי כהנא

Shay Kahana (שי כהנא) -- a model from Israel whom we posted about before, though we spelled his name Shai Khana back then -- won the Israeli version of "The Amazing Race" (המירוץ למיליון). Originally from Betzet, he lives in Tel Aviv and is 32 years old. He has a black belt in karate and worked as the bodyguard for three prime ministers. He has a degree in Government Diplomacy and Strategy. He's currently featured on the web site of the clothing manufacturer Renaur.

Shay with his "Amazing Race" partner, גיא אוסדון (Guy):

Some links:
Facebook profile
Shay and Guy in the Amazing Race site
Rafi Agiv agency
Hat tip: Sexy Walls of Amazing Guys

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Carlos Augusto Maldonado 02

More fotos of Venezuelan cutie Carlos Augusto Maldonado, including some high-res images.

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