Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emanuele Bosi

Emanuele Bosi was born on April 15, 1985 Rome. In 2007, at the age of 21, he joined the cast of the soap opera "Incantesimo 9", and several months later he appeared in the TV movie "Un dottore quasi perfetto" and the miniseries "Questa è la mia terra - Vent'anni dopo". In 2008 he appeared in his first movie, La casa sulle nuvole, and last year he was in the film Questo piccolo grande amore.

Some links: -- official web site
Emanuele Bosi Official Fans Club -- Facebook group
La Casa Sulle Nuvole Photocall
2009 Giffoni Film Festival - Day 5

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Man of the Fortnight: Roberto Plantier

Roberto Plantier, born on May 26, 1979 in Mexico, is best known for playing Charlie Vallejo in the Telemundo production “Pecados Ajenos”. He began his career in 1996 in the theater, appearing in such plays as "Los Invasores", "Los cuervos están de luto", and "Mi amigo el Unicornio". After appearing in a short film, "¿Oyes eso?", he began to appear in such telenovelas as "Cuando seas mía" (2001), "Enamórate" (2002), "Súbete a mi moto" (2003), "Lo que callamos las mujeres" (2004/05), "La vida es una canción" (2004/05) and "Machos" (2005). In 2007 he was a finalist in the reality TV program "Las Suegras".

Roberto Plantier is our new Man of the Fortnight, so look for a few additional posts featuring him, coming up. I'll decide in the next few days if I'll continue with the "Man of the Month" feature -- as you've probably noticed, I haven't had the time in the past few months to really do it justice. But we'll start off small with a Man of the Fortnight... baby steps...

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