Monday, June 14, 2010

José Ángel Trigo

Also posing for the gay magazine "Oh My God!" was José Ángel Trigo, who plays Yon González's rival Rubén in the Spanish TV series "El Internado". José gathered a nice list of credits in the theater, appearing in such plalys as "El padrino" ("The Godfather"), "Macbeth" o "El Inolvidable Will Hounting", before joining "El Internado" in its sixth season for his first experience in television.

For a making-of video from Revista OMG! that includes José Ángel Trigo, see this previous post: Marcos Gracia For Revista OMG!

Marcos Gracia For Revista OMG!

Turns out that the hot new fotos featuring Marcos Gracia Francés -- Daniel Andradas in the just-canceled Spanish TV series "Los Hombres de Paco" -- were from a new gay magazine titled "Oh My God". I hope to have at least one of the images in HQ resolution later, but for now, here's another look at them, with one extra image I haven't posted before and a making-of video. As for one of the other guys featured in the video, José Ángel Trigo, see the next post...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Martín Rivas, Solo

And now it's time for Martín Rivas, 22, Marcos of the Spanish TV series "El internado", to fly solo here at Cisoto Fotos, with some recent and not-so-recent pictures:

Martín Rivas is now modeling for the summer 2010 campaign of Purificación García:

PURIFICACION GARCIA (Facebook Página Oficial)
El Internado Fans

Yon González y Martín Rivas

Yon González and Martín Rivas, together again and ready to provide the HoYay! for the seventh season of the Spanish TV series "El Internado".

Revista QMD
El Internado Fans
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