Friday, July 9, 2010

Daniel Elbittar, Sinfully Good

You can see the Venezuelan model and actor Daniel Elbittar in "Pecadora" ("Sinful", hence the title of this post), which airs daily on Univision at noon EST. Here's a hint of what you'll see:

Source: TV Azteca

Source: Daniel's Twitpic

Plus scans by various hands! Thanks to whom!

Four Of Pepe Gámez

As I mentioned previously, I'll be doing some quick and dirty posts over the next few days in order to get myself back into blogging mode. Here's Mexican actor Pepe Gámez, last seen in the telenovela "Juro que te amo".

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Juan García Postigo & Antonio Velázquez

I still plan to post (not here, but over at out tumblog, Cisoto Quickies) several more videos showing the courtship of Mike (Antonio Velázquez) and Luis (our Man of the Month, Mr. Mundo 2007 Juan García Postigo) in the TV series "¡A ver si llego!". Their first scene together, showing their first meeting, is here. But for today's post, here on the main blog, let's jump ahead to the climax (so to speak) as they have an eventful night together in bed.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He's David Ortega

I guess I shouldn't refer to David Ortega as "El Doble de William Levy" anymore, judging from the title of this new foto gallery: No, no soy William Levy...Soy David Ortega. At any rate, do check out those fotos from Grana87 -- they're many, and hot!

Four Of Alberto Agnesi

Another look at Mexican actor Alberto Agnesi (born on November 21, 1977 in Guadalajara, Jalisco), who's currently appearing in the telenovela "Llena de amor", a remake of "Mi Gorda Bella" starring Valentino Lanús.

Four Of Ezequiel Montalt

Over the next few days, I'm going to do a few quick and dirty posts in order to get myself back into the blogging mood. First up, a few hot shots of actor and Jazz musician Ezequiel Montalt, a native of Spain, who played the gay role of Cristian in "Más sabe el diablo" and is currently appearing in "Perro amor".

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