Saturday, July 31, 2010

José Carlos Femat, Head To Toe

José Carlos Femat, the 29-year-old Mexican actor who last played a stripper in "Zacatillo, Un Lugar en tu Corazón", sporting a nice and tight pair of short shorts:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Octavi Pujades in "Sexo en Chueca"

Octavi Pujades (b. July 1, 1974 in Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona, España) is currently playing Álex, a gay man, in the second season of "Sexo en Chueca", a summer series from Telecinco. Three of his co-stars, including Nacho López, who plays Pablo, joined him in bed for a recent spread in "Pantalla Semanal" magazine:

El actor Octavi Pujades, de 'Sexo en Chueca', en las fiestas del Orgullo Gay 2010

Paulo Quevedo, Good As Gold

A couple of new shots of Mexican überhunk Paulo Quevedo. I'm looking to see if there's more in the set.

Paulo seems to be feeling constrained by his pants in these images, doesn't he? He can be seen in "Pecadora", which is currently airing on Univision at noon EST on Mondays-Fridays.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Julián Farietta Unbuttoned

New fotos of 22-year-old Colombian actor and model Julián Farietta, courtesy of Gabriel Blanco Iglesias. He played Mauricio Ochmann's brother in the Telemundo production "Victorinos".

Juan Pablo Londoño 2

Another look at 26-year-old Juan Pablo Londoño, the Colombian model who was the winner of the reality TV show competition "El Desafío" in 2008.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giorgio Difeo

Giorgio Difeo, who was born in Rome and now resides in Bolívar, Colombia, will appear as Barbara's lover in Canal RCN's "Amor en custodia". He was trained at the Actor's Studio in London.

Some links:
Giorgio Difeo on Facebook
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