Sunday, August 21, 2011

Los Chicos de Grachi

Let's meet los chicos de Grachi, a new television series from Nickelodeon Latin America!

Andrés Mercado (b. August 27, 1987 in Barranquilla , Colombia) plays Daniel Esquivel, the leader/captain of the swimming team "Los Tiburones" (The Sharks). Also on the team are:

Carlos Arrechea, a Cuban actor whom we met before...

Guilherme Apollonio, 17, Brazilian actor and singer...

...and, hmm, not sure who this one is... help?

Making up the rest of Los Tiburones are Mauricio Henao (whom we'll meet in a future post), Lance Dos Ramos, Yony Hernandez, and Rafael de la Fuente.


  1. Hi,

    The photos are not opening.


  2. Whoops, sorry -- looks like Picasa/Google changed a few settings on me. Pics should be appearing now!

  3. After further investigation, it looks like the fotos in 7 or 8 other recent posts aren't opening, either. Will fix in the AM -- have to go to work now, first! Apologies!


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