Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paulo Rogone's Design

For revista DSign, the Argentinan singer Paulo Ragone (more information about him here) wears the kind of pants that show what kind of a man you are:

David Muri

David Muri is an actor, musician, and TV host who was born as David Arturo Ruiz Muñoz on April 4, 1974 in Mexico. He is currently appearing in the children's TV program "La florería de Sofía", which airs on the Disney Junior channel. Last year he played the lawyer Federico in the telenovela "Emperatriz"; other novelas he acted in include "Enamórate" and "Rebelde", and he also appeared as himself in the reality TV program "Protagonistas de la Fama". He was a part of the music group Ragazzi for five years before becoming a solo artist. He can be found on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Roger Berruezo Revisited

Happy days are here again: revisiting five of Spanish actor Roger Berruezo's fotos for the Salerm calendario 2011, with these new, hi-res versions:

Salerm Calendario 2012

Salerm cosmetics has revealed the model for its calendario 2012: Alberto García, Míster España 2011. So far, only four of the images and a making-of video seem to be available online; lets hope the rest of the months follow. Still available on Cisoto Fotos are the calendars for the previous two years, featuring Roger Berruezo (2011) and Darek (2010).

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Filling Baziano Underwear

Anyone know the name of this gentleman? He's one of the other models on the web site of Baziano, a underwear brand from Chile, and since he's featured even more prominently than Christian Kent Hunter, I figured maybe he's a well-known personality, too. You can download his images via this Mediafire link -- 25 hi-res images totaling 18.48MB. The photographer was Fabian Pulido.

Download the images here (25 images, 18.48MB)

Christian Kent Hunter Fills Baziano Underwear

El gringo de Yingo Christian Kent Hunter -- the USA-born model who's become a TV personality in Chile, appearing in such programs as "Yingo" and "Pelotón" -- has resurfaced on the web site of the Baziano underwear brand, which offers some nice, hi-res images, taken by photographer Fabian Pulido.

Carlos Ferro Manhandled

Not sure what the occasion is here involving Mexican actor Carlos Ferro, but I'd be happy to lend a helping hand.

In more recent news, it seems that Carlos Ferro's character in the upcoming Telemundo production "Relaciones Peligrosas" will have a penchant for public displays with a garden hose. Excellent! (Carlos appears at the :54 mark.)

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