Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mauricio Hénao, Cover Boy

Colombian actor Mauricio Hénao, gracing the covers and insides of two revistas: Fashion & Life magazine and Mi Boda Fashion magazine:

Michael Orozco

Don't know much about Michael Orozco except that he's an actor and model, and he'll fight crime on the beach in "La Playa", the new "Baywatch"-flavored TV series from STV (Stellar Television). He apparently attends (or attended) Nova Southeastern University. More fotos of him can be found via the sources: his Facebook page and J Lopez Photography on Model Mayhem.

La Playa

Hey, how's this for a high-concept pitch for a new television series? Picture it -- a "Baywatch"-style show that features Paulo Quevedo, Christian Carabias, and Juan Pablo Llano romping on the beach in red swimsuits! That seems to be what "La Playa" is:

La Playa is about young beautiful lifeguards that patrol the beaches of South Beach, Miami. Together, they keep their beaches safe for the locals and vacationers who come to spend a day in the Sun in paradise! They don't stop at saving potential drowning victims either. They often protect their visitors from low-lifes who preyed on them including pickpockets, kidnappers, and sexual predators. La Playa also offers the opportunity to feature wild life protection, environmental concerns, but most of all romance.

Now that's sheer genius! According to the official La Playa web site, it airs (or will air?) on STV (Stellar Television), whatever that is -- that site and the STV web site are remarkably uninformative. But, we have pictures!

Aside from Carabias (above), Quevedo, and Llano...

... "La Playa" also features Ramiro Fumazoni (above)...

... Erik Millon (above), and Michael Orozco (whom we'll meet later today in a separate post). Time to head back to the beach!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mauricio Hénao, Part Deux

In part two of our ongoing look at Colombian actor and model Mauricio Hénao, he gets a little more revealing:

Back In Bed With Daniel Elbittar

Hey, Daniel Elbittar, get back in bed! We're not done with you yet -- and neither, it turns out, is photographer Pavel Anton:

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